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La Renaissance des Appellations in Scandinavia


Some of the leading wine producers of France gathered in 2001 for a presentation 

of their wines for an international professional clientele in order to focus the high quality 

obtained by biodynamic farming and vinification. 

Several of these wine growers were already famous producers of the finest wines 

of their individual appellations, but most remarkably, this tasting proved that they 

had established a new quality level at the top of France 's wine hierarchy. 

This avant-garde of wine growers has since then inspired wine producers all over the world

to experience the potential of biodynamic wine growing methods and thereby given birth 

to the most important trend within wine growing.

Since 2003 this group has organised in the association "La Renaissance des Appellations" 

which today counts pioneers in biodynamic farming from all over the world - a total

of 120 growers from Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

45 of these growers present for the first time their wines for a Scandinavian audience 

at tasting events in Copenhagen on 2nd and 3rd September 2006. 

Until today, one-day tastings have been held in Bordeaux, Paris, New York, Tokyo  

and London, but for professionals only. For the first time La Renaissance des Appellations 

presents their wines to the public at a charity tasting in Copenhagen on 2nd September 2006.

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